Hawaiian Sand Ceremony (One-of-a-kind keepsake)

The Hawaiian Sand Ceremony and the Unity Candle have similar significance in symbolizing the joining of your paths. It is a heartfelt ceremony that offers the opportunity for kids and/or grandkids to be a part of the wedding. Allowing loved ones to be part of the ceremony further enhances the unity and blessings shared by both Ohanas (families).
Keep the jar in your home to keep your dreams close to home. Let the power of your intentions and the spirit of the Aumakua make your dreams come true.

We use a one-of-a-kind Hawaiian Aumakua Dream Jar, that is handmade on Maui.

The Aumakua jar is fired in an
outdoor kiln at 1800 degrees F, then molten into a pit filled with palm fronds or coconut husks and engulfed in flames. Lastly, it is rapidly cooled to achieve its beautiful, vivid colors.

The unique process behind creating the Hawaiian Aumakua Dream Jar adds a special touch to the tradition with its handmade craftsmanship and cultural symbolism.

When the Aumakua (spirit guide) comes to a Hawaiian family as their guardian and wish fulfiller, it is a special blessing. Love, happiness, and success swim through your life when you make a bond with your Aumakua.

The act of writing down dreams, wishes, and goals and placing them in the Dream Jar can serve as a powerful reminder of the couple’s intentions and connections to their Aumakua.